Wednesday, 13 January 2010

J'ai besoin d'un p'tit dodo.

Petite introduction:
I love Cyril to pieces and I very much appreciate him playing my silly take-my-picture-game, but he makes me squirmy when he lifts the camera to his face to photograph me. That just means he doesn't do it often enough. See that, Cyril? You = my new photographer! I know how to play my cards right.

Kennedy discussed the boyfriend-photographer issue not too very long ago. Her portraits are decidedly less goofy than the faces I make - and she looks amazingly elegant, as always; I doubt she's ever made a stupid face in her life.

Thrifted jean jacket & skirt, AA bodysuit & stockings, UO flats.

Necklace a gift from my dear, Swiss friends, rings are my own ancient collection or my Granny's.

I wore this to a concert nearly two months ago! Cyril and I saw Friendly Fires. The performance wasn't as good as when I saw them with Amy, but the lead singer is definitely still one of the best bootay-shakers I've seen! And who wouldn't pay money to see that?

PS - I love you, Cyril.

Edit: C just rapped to a Swiss children's song in Swiss German. If it's possible, I love him that much more.


  1. You look lovely as always :) Lets hang out soon! Go see a show or something...