Monday, 4 January 2010

It's not about you all the time.

I feel like a total jerk for this and I will tell you why.

New Year's Eve, our two lovely friends from Arizona and Cyril and I got all purdy and gussied up for a party at a friend's where fancy dress was mandatory. I coned C into taking these outfit pictures for me while leaving the three of them to fend for themselves. That's right - no group fancy dress photos! Isn't that 75% of the reason parties like these take place? Pictures of your nearest and dearest looking their glitziest? I think it is.

Also, there was an empty champagne bottle and empty wine bottle lying around our apartment after this... I don't know how that happened.

So there, Erin is a jerk.

I was really happy that I finally had an occasion to wear this dress! I thrifted it sometime last year and spent a lot of time hemming it by hand.

Official: I am in love with this shawl. It's kind of as luxurious as fur because of the pom poms (that feel like tails, grossly(awesomely) enough) and it makes me feel like a diva. I could get used to feeling like a diva.

Plus it doubles as a blanket when you crash after a night of dancing and eating homemade salsa from the host's mum.

Seriously, dudes. Not even a picture of Cyril?! He looked completely adorable; white shirt + vest + tie + slicked 1950s hair, sigh. Our friends were equally dashing; matching black and white dress and suit... this is just depressing.

Anyway, I decided that a fancy dress dinner party is well in order at the Hahn-Stodola residence! (An excuse to wear my shawl.) We have been settled since August and not one party has been thrown in our tiny abode. S'about time. S'about time to get some booties shakin' up in here!


  1. these pictures of you are lovely, and that dress is such a find! also i really like your blog <3