Monday, 25 January 2010

Getting to know you in a very special way.

How was your Monday? Yeah, mine wasn't too spectacular either.

Jellyfish observation tanks at aquariums are such a photographer cheat. But I'm going to share these anyway because while it's totally cheating, I like to think I still somehow practiced the art of frame composition.

Under the impression that the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver had bad-ass security and a strict No-camera-No-dancing-No-getting-out-of-your-seat Policy, none of my friends nor I brought a camera to the Phoenix show on Friday. (! ... !!!) Luckily some rebels did, because not only were there snapshots galore, but during the encore there happened to be a surprise on-stage dance party that no security guard could do anything about. Looking at this footage, I feel a bit sorry for Thomas Mars, crushed at the back of the stage. Sorry for crushing you, Thomas.

To add insult to injury, Cyril, our friend Thom & I stood with our elbows on the stage the whole concert. Can you imaging the photos that would come out of that?! Do you know how ridiculously fabulous aaaaall of their shoes are?!

Nevertheless, it was fantastic.