Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"Too bad that you're not as smart as you thought you were in the first place."

Quote from Doug & The Slugs Too Bad.

Hey Blogland, s'up?

What I wore a few days ago:
My dad's old Doug & The Slugs tshirt, thrifted and altered skirt, thrifted belt & shoes.

(Fun fact that is mandatory when I say this shirt was my dad's: apparently D&TS have a song called "Pretty Man" or "Beautiful Man" or something and when my dad was at one of their shows and they sang that song, Doug reached down and ruffled my dad's hair. I love that story because I remember how my dad looked so happy and nostalgic when he told me)

Would you please lay your eyes on those jewels of footwear?! A) Gorgeous. B) Fit like a miracle. C) Thrifted in my tiny town from a church charity shop I can only get to during my lunch break. D) Hollah.
The thrift store in question is a shoe gold-mine. That is sweet, sweet music to the ears. Or a sight for sore eyes, however you want to shake it. Bottom line: it is paradise.

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  1. Tiny church thrift shops are the bomb. Good job!