Monday, 23 May 2011

Should have kept those dang notes for this.

Driving to pick my little brother up from work today, I remembered how summer the act of driving is. One hand on the wheel, an arm resting on the open window and my hair being whipped in the wind.
In the city I sometimes miss driving. Transit has its advantages and I certainly will not own a car there any time soon... and maybe its a small town mentality, but the "rugged" freedom being on the road, going where you please is refreshing and uplifting. C will make fun of me for saying that.

I've left the city for the summer, in fact. For a sleepy town with sleepy folks. It will most likely be the last time I will really be living here and I'm trying to take it in for good. But it's hard. There's always something to do and even when there isn't, I know there is.

I hope to have extra TLC to afford this wee blog as well! Get ready for a lotta ramblin'...

Oh, you should take a peek at my tumblr! It needs some attention too, but I'm working on it! Happy tumbling.

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