Thursday, 3 December 2009

Please don't make me do iiiiiiiit.

Pincurls! As promised.

(I named these photos on my computer "pincurl!" because can you really talk about pincurls without an exclamation mark? The answer is no, you can't.)

Night-time head-gear:

Under the head-gear:

After the head-gear:

I didn't know exactly what to do with the bangs and despite much Googleing, still have found no answer. How should one do short bangs with pincurls?

After "researching"(= tutorial-hopping on Youtube), I found these to be, by far, the most coherent and instructional videos on the entiiiire Internet.
It doesn't hurt, either, that Aya from Strawberry Koi is so gorgeous and so sweet and lovely.

UPDATE: Aya now has short bangs herself! Albeit adorbale Betty Page bangs that go well with curls, but I'm sure I will have more inspiration for my own now.

One last thing to add to the wonders of pincurls (along with their amazing shape and holding power that can be achieved with no other method and no-heat-required wonder), one morning I was feeling sassy (I was wearing faux-leather leggings, hello) so I dampened by hair slightly, and made 6-7 large pincurls, left them for about 30-50 minutes and it was magic. Because pincurls are magical.

Did you know I was putting off school work? Yeah, you probably did...


  1. Hey I discovered your blog a couple days ago and I love it! I have a question about your pin curls: I attempted them twice, a couple days ago and after brushing, or trying to brush out the curls, I get a huge head of frizz. My hair is about as long as yours and it's usually got a slight wave to it already and I don't really brush it. Got any pointers? The second time I tried doing a lot fewer curls and made them bigger, but I got the same results, although a bit less of fro=)

  2. aw thanks so much for taking a look!

    well, our hair kind of sounds exactly the same (mine is wavy too, I just try to tame it!) so I'm not sure how much this will help, but let's try:

    maybe try playing with the time you leave them in for. overnight vs just a few hours - my feeling is you might be better suited to not leaving them in overnight, but that's just a guess.

    or maybe you just have to keep brushing until the curls come into a cohesive mass eventually...

    frizz serum? haha.

    they also look really nice if you just finger-comb them out. it won't be as retro-looking, but still really nice curls!

    I tried this style on my sister once, though she has shorter, fine hair, and it turned into a fro as well!

    I'm sorry this isn't too useful! I guess I have been taking my pincurls for granted.

    good luck! let me know how your further attempts go <3