Monday, 7 September 2009

Mummy, I wanna kitty for my burfday, please.

Hello, Vancouver. Nice to see you again; I've really missed you.

Wanna know what else I've been missing? A table. You don't realise how much a table means to a home until you are made to eat every meal on the floor, computer on your lap with no mouse and the mere possibility of sewing is next to nil. Not to mention: having a cup of tea on a rainy Vancouver's day whilst browsing blogs? Ain't gonna happen when you got no table!

We had a gorgeous vintage farm-style table set up to buy on Craigslist, in North Delta mind you, but our lack of truck and anybody we know's lack of truck was putting a damper on that. And like I've said, table = love, so we bought one asap. It is currently waiting for a lovingly-applied coat or two of white paint.

Cyril and I met the sweetest cat on our way from a garage sale the other day.

To make this post not entirely devoted to the Stranger Cat and my table fetish, an installment of What He Wore Today:

AA trousers, thrifted shoes, shirt & bag.

I feel like Siri would especially appreciate this collaboration of cats + clothes, no?
Now go, check out my for real fav blog.

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