Sunday, 23 August 2009

He gave me some ol' fashioned text book lovin'.

Double the pleasure, double the fun!
I am doubling your What I Wore Today eye-candy quota for the day because I am such a horrid blogger.

But guys, I'm packing! Packing. For Vancouver. In three days. Three. Days.

All thrifted.

Old navy top, Grandpa's old belt, thrifted and altered shorts, H&M shades, mystery-origin sandals and my necklace made by Caroline!

And now I sleep.
Last 2 days of work... !!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nacho cheese with my nachos please.

I am of the strong opinion that if more men wore shorts like this gentleman here - specifically the length people - the world would be a better(sexier) place to live in. Hear hear!

Via Face Hunter

Ricki's altered blazer, thrifted shirt, Tati jeans, UO purse, thrifted shoes.

I wore this a few weeks ago when it was dreary. Is it terrible that I'm excited for fall so I can wear outfits like this on a daily basis rather than the three days in four months that I get to wear them now? Yes, it really is. Work needs to cease so uniforms and office-appropriate clothing may also cease. Office-appropriate clothing, PAH. GIVE ME MINI SKIRTS! Plz & thx.