Thursday, 24 September 2009

Facts are facts, Frank.

Yes, that umbrella is a 100+ year old artifact. No, I should not be nonchalantly swinging it over my shoulder. Yes, I should be wearing conservator's gloves.

Thrifted sweater, heels & necklaces, UP jeans.

Assuming this whole potential job turns out as badly as I know it will, I am once again in search of employment. The day after my interview and a week before my "trial shift" I was back in the streets droppin' resumes to the familiar tune of we're not hiring right now.

On the up-side of life, our little apartment is nearing decoration completion!
I've got three words for it, and they're all the same: cute.

Jogging along the ocean? I think I might. Because I CAN.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

She carried me home through wind and snow.


(Via Stylesightings)


Fall: basically, I want to copy this from head to toe.
Missing? Slouchy sweater thin enough to fit under my blazer, carrot pants, sweet-ass granny boots.

Summer: the epitome of today. Warm & happy, spent at the beach with my beau. The way life should me.

H&M top, Target skirt, thrifted belt & heels, gifted earrings & watch.

PS I have an interview at Mintage on Tuesday! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bug. On. The. Wall.

We've got a situation here, people: backlog.
This can be good or bad, depending. Now let's roll.

Thrifted skirt, belt & heels, Mango top.

Also, it was my first day of school today. First day, back.
Please don't make me regret choosing German as my major, Faust. Please.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What am I what am I what am I wishing for?

You know when you squint your eyes 'til they're almost shut (or in my case, simply remove glasses/contact lenses) and lights become those magical glowing orbs?
Our bathroom window is like that. Only the orbs are bigger. If you ever come over I'll show you.

C & I posing in our new apartment. It has a fireplace. I know.

on him: AA tee, H&M jeans
on her: H&M cardi, AA shirt, Granny's old (altered) skirt, thrifted belt & sneaks

Monday, 7 September 2009

Mummy, I wanna kitty for my burfday, please.

Hello, Vancouver. Nice to see you again; I've really missed you.

Wanna know what else I've been missing? A table. You don't realise how much a table means to a home until you are made to eat every meal on the floor, computer on your lap with no mouse and the mere possibility of sewing is next to nil. Not to mention: having a cup of tea on a rainy Vancouver's day whilst browsing blogs? Ain't gonna happen when you got no table!

We had a gorgeous vintage farm-style table set up to buy on Craigslist, in North Delta mind you, but our lack of truck and anybody we know's lack of truck was putting a damper on that. And like I've said, table = love, so we bought one asap. It is currently waiting for a lovingly-applied coat or two of white paint.

Cyril and I met the sweetest cat on our way from a garage sale the other day.

To make this post not entirely devoted to the Stranger Cat and my table fetish, an installment of What He Wore Today:

AA trousers, thrifted shoes, shirt & bag.

I feel like Siri would especially appreciate this collaboration of cats + clothes, no?
Now go, check out my for real fav blog.